Kimble Bridgesaver

Built for Severe-Duty, Delivering Lowest Cost-Per-Yard

The Kimble Mixer you trust, now brought to you by Continental Mixers.

Get up and running and stay that way.

Simplified field diagnosis and repair—by design.

If you want something to last, you build quality into every step. The Kimble Bridgesaver lasts longer by using the highest quality source materials and engineering our components for optimum strength and efficiency. You get greater operating performance and less downtime – as well as optimal weight distribution, simplified diagnostics, ergonomic controls, and increased productivity.

Featuring the legendary Kimble Drum, our mixer is up for any challenge. Our proprietary drum design and high-quality steel helps you get 25–35% more life out of your drum. The mixer also features a chute that can swing 180 degrees even when the trailer is up, which improves efficiency on the job. And our premium parts are expertly constructed from the finest materials, lasting longer and requiring less maintenance. We keep the design simple so your operators are efficient and your maintenance is straightforward. Built for duty, this truck will keep you working and help you deliver the lowest cost per yard.

Kimble Bridgesaver Features

First Kommand Controls

The First Kommand bus system enables you to have fingertip control of all mixer functions. You'll get full-color display, real-time diagnostics, and weatherproof sealed keypads with adjustable LED backlighting.

Option for Extra Boxed-In Trailer

Add an extra boxed-in trailer to allow you to safely and legally carry a higher payload for major projects.

  • Rear Pendant Controls

    Rear Pendant Controls

  • Rear Pedestal

    Rear Pedestal

  • In-Cab First Kommand

  • Upper Ladder Platform

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