When it pours, we reign.

Express and paver mixers—anything but conventional.

Truth is, Continental’s “conventional” mixers are anything but. They are the most advanced mixers on the job site – stronger, faster, more reliable and more profitable to operate.

Committed to the future.

Investment and growth

Continental continues to invest in its facilities, product, processes and people. Some of these investments include two state-of-the-art paint finishing booths and the addition of new sub-assembly fixturing, as well as the integration of robotic welding capabilities.

Additionally, the company continues to reconfigure its Cynthiana, Kentucky, manufacturing plant for lean production, bringing in experts to head up the efforts in optimizing factors such as material flow and a gated QC process with quality control checkpoints to improve efficiency and product quality.

Taken together, these investments underscore the company’s commitment to serve its customers and provide stable, long-term value and relationships with employees, the community, our suppliers, our customers and in our respective industries at large.

Conventional Features

Innovative Designs

Customer-tuned product optimization through customer-led collaboration.

Simplicity by Design

Easier operation, simplified field diagnosis and repair with straightforward controls and fewer lines and hoses.

The Continental Mixer Baseline

The Express and Paver Mixers establish the baseline for the rest of the Continental mixer line.

  • Legendary Continental Drum — The Continental drum head is specially fabricated, making it stronger and more wear-resistant than the dished heads used on other brands of mixers, to deliver high performance and longevity.

    Legendary Continental Drum

  • Full Weld Drum with Larger Fin Design — Optimum charging and discharging with 47” paver discharge opening. Seams welded inside and out with solid welded fins for maximum strength and water tightness.

    Full weld drum with larger fin design

  • Easy To Understand & Operate — Simplified field diagnosis and repair with straightforward front and rear controls for easy training and operation.

    Easy to understand & operate

  • Advanced Pedestal Design — Virtually eliminates stress cracking. The pedestals are also crafted to eliminate water-catch areas.

    Advanced pedestal design

  • Continental Rollers — Rollers mounted on 1” metal back-up plates. Adds strength against impact loading while drum is turning.

    Continental Rollers

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