Bigger Payloads, Fewer Overweight Tickets.

The solution for strict road regulations.

You’ll know this is the mixer for you if you operate in areas that have strict regulations on axle weights.

Get up and running and stay that way longer.

Simplified field diagnosis and repair—by design.

In an industry bent on selling you more and more complexity, many operators are looking for greater simplicity, fewer parts and faster diagnosis and repair—not downtime for software updates. Our products are technically advanced and expertly designed for a different goal: making your life simpler and keeping your equipment running at full capacity. In other words: simple rules. Straightforward wiring, easy access, fewer lines, faster operator and technician training and fast in-field diagnosis and repair.

BridgeSaver Features

Boxed I-Beam Arms

The hydraulically actuated drop axle features boxed I-beam arms designed for more strength and greater stability, achieving optimum weight distribution under full load. You’ll carry more payload safely and legally.

Full Continental Control

The BridgeSaver still has all the standard Continental features... and then some.

  • In-Cab & Rear Controls — Traditional. Simple. Easy to understand and troubleshoot. The Continental controls are made by us and supported by us. Our rear controls are integrated into the mixer and are always close at hand and protected from damage.

    In-Cab & Rear Controls

  • Legendary Continental Drum — The Continental drum head is specially fabricated, making it stronger and more wear-resistant than the dished heads used on other brands of mixers, to deliver high performance and longevity.

    Legendary Continental Drum

  • Full Weld Drum — All Continental drum seams are welded inside and out for maximum strength and water tightness. All Continental drum fins are solid welded, rather than skip welded.

    Full Weld Drum

  • Continental Rollers — Rollers mounted on 1” metal back-up plates. Adds strength against impact loading while drum is turning.

    Continental Rollers

  • The Continental Front Pedestal — The pedestal design includes a wider base than other brands of mixers, thereby resisting pedestal and truck frame cracking. The pedestals are also crafted to eliminate water-catch areas.

    The Continental Front Pedestal

  • Box I-Beam — The Box I-beam on our axle is stronger than the competition, and mounted on a tapered roller bearing, not a cheap bushing.

    Box I-Beam

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